The Artillery Brewing Company

The taproom and brewhouse on the west end of West Chester, Pennsylvania is the latest stop on a journey that started long ago for the founders and owners of The Artillery Brewing Company.  It is, for us, a dream and an opportunity… a privilege and a passion… to bring to our new visitors and our long-tenured fans alike our very best beers and experience in our taproom, The Barracks, and on taps and shelves around the region.  We welcome you to try us wherever you find us.  Join the Revolution!

Our History

The founders of Artillery began home brewing together back in 2013, but their passion for zymurgy - the science of fermentation - began long before. Mike became enamored with brewing science back in the 1990s while living in Germany. Paul came from three generations of winemakers here in America. Mike had always been a fan of the cannon as a symbol owing to its existence as a logo on the soccer gear he used to wear by the old sporting goods company, Peter Green, Ltd. This led to a passionate fandom of The Arsenal Football Club in London, England. When choosing a brand for the home brew that Paul and Mike established in 2015, of course, it had to feature a cannon. Tying into the rich American Revolutionary War history of the Brandywine Valley, and the nearby historic Brandywine battlefield with its many full-size replica cannons dotting the landscape, the right branding became clear: The Artillery Brewing Company. The first home brewed beer under the label was The Cannonball, a Belgian-style golden strong ale.

In 2018, after threatening to do it for quite some time, Paul and Mike finally decided to set up a microbrewery business in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In early 2019, they set up their first brewery in nano-scale on a historic farm on the edge of the site of the Battle of Brandywine, the largest and longest battle of the American Revolution. The brewery was met with great public response for the brand and the beer, and after only being open for a handful of months, The Artillery had to move to a larger location for a more suitable taproom and 10-20BBL brewhouse operation. In 2021, The Artillery will reappear in the Borough of West Chester, and in restaurants, bars, and distributorships in the region

Our Vision

Born from the historic roots of the Brandywine Valley region, and incubated on a Revolutionary War-era farm with recipes crafted with local farm ingredients, The Artillery Brewing Company product line ranges from open-fermented Bohemian lagers and light ales through richly-flavored IPAs, various Belgian and German styles, and special-release ales. We care about every product we make, and we think you’ll taste the difference.

Our Battlefield Ales series are named after the great Revolutionary battlefields from all along the former colonies, and borrow stylistic cues from recipes of the American Revolution and bring them to modern day with today's brewing techniques.

The Artillery Brewing Company is the result of a passion for good beer. Inspiration for our recipes comes from the great Belgian-style and German-style ales we’ve enjoyed for decades, as well as the vibrant India Pale Ale variants that have exploded on the scene over the past ten years. Our Battlefield Ales borrow from recipes of the American Revolution and bring them to modern day with subtle modern brewing touches. We don’t seek to create one-off beers with wacky ingredient combinations. Our beers deliver clean and pure flavors, with painstaking craftsmanship built into every step of the process. We take pride in what we make. We learn from our mistakes. We rise up to meet and exceed your expectations. We hope to be your go-to place for great beer.

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